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2023 our Chariot Year AND How to Use a Year Ahead Reading

You know I love you lots so this blog post (and podcast episode) is full of goodness for our 2023 collective theme as well as tips, tricks and hints for using A Year Ahead Reading.

But first...

There is one Year Ahead Reading spot left for before the holiday season and New Years. I am happy to do more in January but if you are considering having one done and you'd prefer it to be done before the holidays, then this may be a good chance to grab it. You can click here to book it.

Our Chariot Year of 2023

This coming year, 2023 in the Gregorian Calendar, condenses to 7 (2+0+2+3). We are moving from a collective Lovers year into a Chariot year. 2022 asked us to connect more deeply with ourselves or come home to ourselves in some way and 2023 is asking us to expand on that through reflection, discernment and alignment.

The image and analogy I like to use for this card is assessing what’s in our backpack. Imagine we all carry a figurative backpack where we hold our thoughts, beliefs, ideas, trust, notions, roles, identity, etc. Some of the things in our backpack have been intentionally placed by us but many have been placed there over time by outside sources (think family/relationships, society, systems) and may not be ours to hold anymore. This backpack gets heavy as we journey through our lives and over the next year we will have many chances to put that backpack down, take things out of it and assess whether they are for us anymore or if they are in alignment with who we are allowing ourselves to grow into. Once we have assessed this then we get to either put them back as is, make some tweaks to them before placing them back or leave them out altogether. We get to choose that and do that anytime we feel ready to. This is an act of love for ourselves.

The Hierophant of 2021 taught us that we know ourselves best; that we are our own best experts. The Lovers of 2022 taught us that we have what we need and that we are worthy of our own appreciation and consideration and this Chariot year is putting both of those two learnings and knowings into action.

Some of the things we take out and assess will be a hard and firm yes or no. They will be so obviously for us, or not. Some of the things will almost be a yes. They are so close to what we want for ourselves and may just require a bit of tweaking or pivoting or shining up or simplifying. Some things are a bit trickier. They feel okay, some even feel good. Some things seem wonderful from the outside and yet we can’t quite make them work or we force them to work or we turn away from seeing what’s maybe deeper inside them. These are the tricky things. These may be things we think should be good for us but just aren’t for us anymore. And that’s okay.

There’s a wonderful coaching phrase of ‘You’re okay and I’m okay’. Something that isn’t for us anymore doesn’t have to be a wrong or bad thing. It may have worked for us for years and now we have outgrown it or evolved past it or can journey better now without it.

You’re okay and I’m okay and also, maybe it’s time for us to part ways.

So along with the unpacking and shifting through and assessment and repacking you may find yourself processing various stages of grief. Leaving room for this is important over the next year. Grief walks with each of us in its own way and making space and room for it is a beautiful honouring thing (this is very Five of Cups works btw).

So, some considerations…how do I support myself with space and time to reflect and assess where I’m at and where I’d like to go? Where are there feelings of not trusting my path or my pace? Am I having feelings of wanting to rush past something or push forward with something that looks good but doesn’t necessarily feel right anymore (or that I know isn’t right for me anymore)? What can I do to nurture more trust in myself and in my timing on a deeper level? What supports might I need in this time of assessment and release?

It’s a beautiful opportunity this coming year. It’s a chance to really get into what's for us and what is not. It’s a chance to lighten our loads and to consider ourselves first in our own lives with love and intention.

Working with a Year Ahead Reading

Year Ahead Readings can be a wonderful support and way to connect more with yourself throughout your year.Whether you have a reading done for you (like with me!) or you do one for yourself, there are some gorgeous ways you can work with the reading for the year ahead. These ways bring a wee bit of ritual to our years.

  • Keep it somewhere you can access and dip in and out of it. Spend some time reflecting on the information around the cards for each month and maybe visualise how it could be play out for you in your day to day.

  • Take the symbolism and information from the card for each month along with any seasonal and personal meanings and create a collage or piece of art to display somewhere for yourself.

  • Use the card for each month along with any personal or seasonal symbols to decorate an altar space. Add to it over the month and make a wee ritual around clearing and re-setting up for the next month. Take a photo of it to remind yourself for years to come or to create a photo journal.

  • Use a small journal and set up a table of contents for all your cards for the year. Make a page for info around the card for each month and a page (or 2) for reflections as you move through that month. At the start of each month, note down the attributes of the month's card as well as any personal notes and on the reflections page note down what comes up for you under the themes, the connections you make and/or other cards you've pulled as you move through the month. This will give you a whole lot of info for your year and will give really great intell for years to come.

I've really went deep with the last option this year and have it all in one small journal. It has been invaluable. Each card was exactly what I needed for what was going on for me each month. Like, spot on. The insights around the themes, patterns and energies have given me more knowledge about myself and more trust in my abilities, my connectedness and my natural cycles.

My 2022 Notebook

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