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2024 is a Collective Strength Year

‘I believe that all of myself is worthy of recognition and acceptance (by me first) and that I am worth fighting for. We are all worth fighting for.’

This coming year, 2024 in the Gregorian Calendar, condenses to 8 (2+0+2+4). We are moving from a collective Chariot year into a Strength year.

2023 asked us to really assess what was for us and what was no longer working. We will have felt pulled to do a big or, more likely, ongoing mini audits of our emotional landscape. It has been all about reflection, discernment and alignment especially around themes like our thoughts, beliefs, ideas, notions, roles, identity, etc. We will now have a more clear sense of ourselves; of who we are at our core and what we are here for.

2024 is a shift into a deeper relationship with all the parts of ourselves. The Strength card asks us to consider themes such as courage & perseverance, compassionate engagement, facing a hard truth/something we are scared to look at, staying open minded & open hearted, learning to ground and focus our fear, our passions & desires, deeply knowing & appreciating ourselves, staying true to ourselves, staying soft in a hard world.

It’s about allowing ourselves to consider what scares us AND to sit with it to see what’s real/true and what’s not. It’s about embracing something that we fear or worry about. It’s about trusting ourselves to stay the course when things feel scary or hard and to support ourselves to stay true to who we are.

Some Self Coaching considerations for the 2024 year could be:

  • What are the parts of myself that I ‘fear’ or feel disconnected from?

  • What are the stories around those parts? Whose beliefs have they been created around? My own?

  • What support might I need so I can face these fears or mine? Where am I struggling to trust myself in this?

  • How are ways that I can move forward more aligned with and protective of myself?

  • How do I keep myself open minded and open hearted to the parts of myself that need compassionate honesty and change?

  • How do I stay true and aligned with myself in my daily life?

  • What 'fiery' parts of myself need a little taming so that can be focussed an utilised appropriately?

  • How do I channel my frustration and rage about systemic injustice into action?

  • How do I create a more compassionate circle of influence?

You can probably get the sense that this card is quite an important one in our relationship with ourselves and would be good to consider often. And it’s true. That little infinite sign shares with us that we will be moving in and out of this energy always and forever (but in a totally way each time). We will come out changed each time. This is card 8 (another infinite sign) so in and out we’ll always go but during a Strength year there is a real opportunity to process some big stuffs in how we view, relate and tend to ourselves.

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