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Being in Our Bodies: The Summer Edition

Well hello my lovely little June Bugs. In April I did a little poll around the theme you all wanted for May and ‘Releasing What No Longer Serves’ pipped it over ‘Being in Our Bodies’ by a vote or two so…guess what you are getting this month? Yes…Being in Our Bodies: The Summer Edition.

Summer can be an exciting and also anxiety ridden time for so many of us, especially around how we want to (and support ourselves to) show up. I got you.

I have had to work so hard over the years to move away from the ‘summer body, cover up clothing, hiding in the background, body shame’ fuckery that diet culture created for so many of us. I think it's really important for us to both recognise the systems that have created this for us and also look at the areas and ways that we can create joy, pleasure and fun for ourselves in this season. Cause this is just it, this is one of the summers of our lives and we deserve to be the main character in ours.

I think we all get to give ourselves time and space to visualise, plan, engage with and experience a summer on our terms to the best of our ability. How I’m going to engage this year is going to be deeper and easier for me now that I’ve had a few summers practising these supports so there is no pressure here. Little tweaks and consideration from a place of gentle curiosity (always and forever as you know).

Try This…

You know the whole ‘Hot Girl Summer’ thing? Yeah…I wrote my own. Maybe you could write your own too to remind you of the theme and vibe you want from your own summer.

Think about your summer in terms of all the senses and all the things that bring you JOY. Think about who you will be spending time with and how you will be spending your time? Visualise how you want to FEEL. How do you want to look back at this time after the summer is over?

Here’s mine...

Tarot Supports:

The Empress and Emperor are two of my favourite Tarot supports around being in our bodies and taking up our own space and could be really wonderful supports for you this summer.

The Empress is the third card in the Major Arcana followed by The Emperor as our fourth. The two really can’t be without each other. The Empress is all about

our sense of self worth. It’s knowing who we are and what we are worthy of (or about learning this for ourselves). The Emperor is all about taking up our space knowing that us living our life fully and in a wholehearted way does not take away from anyone else. To be the Empress is the core of our foundation, the root system of our lives while the Emperor is how we grow and expand up and out from that foundation; from that root system. The Emperor is the branches that reach up and out. You can’t have one without the other. The roots for stability and sustenance and groundedness and the branches for expression and beauty and life. When we engage with these two energies together we start to see how our inner work; our sense of worthiness and our capability to receive and our core values directly impacts the quality of our outer existence. We root down so we can expand up and out. And we do this knowing that everyone is allowed to explore this for themselves. We do this knowing that our rooting and expansion will never take the shine off of someone else.

So being in your body this summer is very much about the inner work we do to strengthen our foundations that allows us the confidence to expand in our outer lives; to letting ourselves be seen and loved and present and excited and active in our own experience.

*The cards are from the Tarot of the Holy Spectrum.

Visualise or Journal:

What’s your relationship to receiving? Receiving nourishment, compliments, positive news, support, attention, friendship, love, feedback, gifts, etc. What feelings come up for you around this? Is there any discomfort? Where do you think it may stem from? Can you begin to allow yourself to open up and receive lovely things each and every day? Even small things like a cup of coffee in a favourite or beautiful mug? 10 minutes to watch the birds in your garden? To feel the sunshine on your face? A hug from a loved one? Can you be in those moments, knowing that you deserve that time and that experience? Can you slowly expand what and how you receive the good things in your life?

How are you taking up space in your own life? Do you feel empowered to make choices that suit you best? Do you feel you know yourself well enough to expand out to your edges fully and wholly? What might that look and feel like for you? What might that look and feel like in the context of this summer of yours? Are there small ways you can start to be fully in your life this summer? What can you say yes to? What are you willing to say no to? What things might be getting in your way? What opinions or roles or beliefs or stories?

Also...What permission slips may you need to write yourself? What mindset shifts may need to happen? Which boundaries may need to be tightened or set up? Which stories or roles may you need to release? What does your body need to be able to feel safe and joy and pleasure? How do you work best?

No matter what, I hope you find the time and space to give yourself what you want and need in this summer of yours. You are deserving of the main character energy and I hope you write yourself in.

A Wee Shine Time Coaching note:

I will be taking a summer break from July 10th until August 10th. I will not be doing any readings or coaching over that month (except for the lovelies I am currently supporting). If you are feeling pulled to have a reading or start working together, perhaps June is the month for you! You can find out more info and the ways that we can work together here.

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