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Coaching with the Tarot for Aquarius Season

This week’s post is all about Aquarius Season that we enter on January 21st and runs until February 18th

Note: I am not an astrologer. I am a Tarot Reader, that is my intuitive language. I am certainly very interested in Astrology and am picking up quite a bit about what a wonderful resource it can be through my work with Shadi at Aatash Healing Arts. But I am not a qualified practitioner…not yet anyways….who knows. The more I work with it the more I see the unbelievable value and the more I feel pulled to learn it for myself. What I do know is that the Tarot themes around the zodiac wheel for the year make so much sense to me and so I am here to share that aspect of things with you.

If you want to learn more about how the Tarot links with Astrology the book Tarot for Your Self by Mary K Greer is another great resource.

This first post for the upcoming Aquarius Season is going to have a lot more detail than I will usually have because I will be saving a lot of this for the wonderful folks who are singed up for my Shine Time membership over on my website. (if you want to know a bit more about this membership area, you can head to the website. They get the good stuff over there.

Aquarius Season

January 21st until February 18th

The Star, The Fool and The Page of Swords​

The Star is rules by Aquarius (Air Sign)

The Fool is ruled by Uranus (which rules Aquarius)

The Page (Earth) of Swords (Air) (this link to Aquarius I learned from Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul healing)

This season (mid-winter in the Northern Hemisphere) sees us in the peak of what should and could be a personal and societal time of hibernation. Many of us find this season really nourishing and supportive for our foundation work while others find it a really flipping hard time. They are maybe itching to break free and out of the restraints of this season.

Personally, it's one of my favourites. I love the quiet after the festive season. I love time to focus on my desired habits and rituals, the colder weather and still early nights, the opportunities for cold water swims and cosy warm fires. This feels very much like a season for connecting with what's most important, giving focus to what I would like to amplify (what's in) and minimising or releasing what no longer serves or soothes (what's out).

​And the Tarot for this season is kind of wonderful for this type of self exploration and inquiry.

The Star is our hopeful healer, The Fool is our intrepid explorer and self-trust advocate and the Page of Swords is our resourced and youthful truth seeker.

Some general themes we may feel pulled toward exploring this season might be things like personal healing modalities, processing and release work, times of quiet reflection or mediation, identifying what does and doesn't work for us, owning our personal truths, self-reparation, taking stock of how resourced we are as well as assessing our needs, wants, capacities and pace.

Some coaching considerations could be:

What is your relationship to this season? Are there any patterns for feelings, energies, emotions or interest at this time of year? What is your relationship to the idea of 'hibernation'? How do you take stock of what's available for you here and now? What is something that you have known needs to be amplified or changed or even released? What ways of healing feels best for you? How does your nervous system like to be soothed? How do you give yourself time and space to reflect, consider, relax and slow down? Do you plan these into your daily life?

​For me, my healing practices often come in the form of things I feel 'compelled' to do. Things I'm very much strongly pulled to or that I engage in naturally. Getting outside, slow walks, cold water, deep breathing, beautiful words, pulling cards, writing and firelight. I yearn to engage with these things. My body and mind feel best (soothed, inspired, at peace, calm, invigorated) when I give myself the time and space to engage with these things. Not in a checklist, 'must do' kind of way but in a really gentle, curious way. This is about seeing where we can add some of these things we feel strongly compelled to do. It's about exploring a daily way of life that allows us to fit them in. And maybe it's about ritualising some of these compelling things so that they serve our bodies, minds AND souls. When we are compelled towards certain activities or practices, it's often our body/mind/soul/heart's way of sharing with us what works best.

Aquarius is an air sign...many assume it's water. It's about the carrying of the water. It's about the applying of the healing waters. It's the about the knowing of and engaging in the healing water things. It's an active energy. A doing rather than just thinking. It's about working with both practical AND the magic.

​If there is something (some activity or way of being) that you have been feeling compelled to engage with; that your body, mind or soul keeps pulling you towards or back to over and over...maybe it's time to take that practice and embed it into your daily life. Maybe it's time to gently ritualise it so that you signify to your whole self that it is a sacred thing.

There is magic in our everyday small things; in our mundane.

There is magic there if we choose to see them as such.

So that’s Aquarius Season in relation to the Tarot!

I hope you are able to take some time to find a compelling healing thing or two that you can really allow yourself to get curious about and engage in over this next month.

If this feels like a self exploration or healing modality that tickles your fancy, why not join us over in the membership area. I’ll be updating detailed considerations for each season as the year goes on along with all the other wonderful members only content that is there.

Here’s to a gently curious week.

Lots of love, Jenny

Did you know the podcast has become a YouTube channel? You can check it out here.

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