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Coaching with the Tarot for when we need to be witnessed

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

I don't know about you but gosh darn it I find being seen and witnessed really fricken challenging. Add to this being in a front facing role with my own business...yikes bikes. Being witnessed is kind of the whole thing. I'm it. I'm the living, breathing representative of my whole damn work and business and folks need to know me, my style, my beliefs, my face, my way of working in order to choose to work with me. Puke.

Throw in the whole social media visibility focus and...double puke.

But we do the hard things and we push ourselves out a bit into our (safe) discomfort zones, we practise what we 'preach', we take our own advice (tragedy) and we support ourselves to show perfectly imperfect as ourselves right?


Well I did a thing this week that shoved me right out of my comfort zone and into a bit of a spotlight. I finally booked myself in for a brand photoshoot. I kept putting it off until...until, until, until. Until I realised that I don't need to have a certain level of success and look a certain way to be witnessed in my work. I just need to believe in it and believe in the importance of the folks that need my modality of healing work to find me...and I do believe in both those things, deeply.

So I took a breath and connected with two lovely people who's work and visual artistry I admire. A couple of messages later and I had the most beautiful space to shoot in (cause my spare room as it is now just wasn't going to cut it) and a wonderful photographer to capture me in all my coach-y, Tarot-y, Jenny glory. Want a little sneaky peek. Here you go...

Gasp! I'm already giddy about the photos to come. And I'll do my very best to not over analyse and critique. This is me, in my element as I am today. Thank you to Julie at A Curious Arrangement for her stunning work space and Shona Cooley for her talented eye.

So yeah...being witnessed is hard work. I know this.

And, of course, I have some Coaching with the Tarot supports for us. I always do (cause I see the Tarot everywhere).

Leading up to this discomfort zone thing, I worked a lot with the Empress and Emperor energies.

Tarot of the Holy Spectrum

The interplay between these two cards is just so important, just like so many cards in the deck that really need each other to balance out well (think of the Queens and Kings). These two cards allow for a settling into worthiness and enoughness. When we do our inner work around what we are worthy of receiving, we can better know that there is room for everyone; for each of us. We all have a place and we all deserve to be witnessed in our roles and in our purpose. My purpose is healing both my own worthiness wound and holding space for others to do the same. I really do deeply know that that is what I'm here for. And so when I get grounded in that, I can better allow myself to be witnessed in that. I wouldn't say it's easier to be seen but that part of me that wants to shy away is being supported with the reasons of why its important that I do so, regardless of the icky feelings about it. And the cool thing is that the action of accepting that and moving through that is healing in and of itself.

So! What's a thing that you are being asked to be seen or witnessed in?

What comes up for you when you are being asked to or need to be seen or witnessed in this thing?

Can you connect more deeply with the purpose for you around this thing?

Can you support and ease the side of you that is really fighting this?

Is there some healing around enoughness or worthiness that needs to be considered?

When we tap into receiving what's for us, we can better sit more firmly on the foundations of our worthiness with ease, grace, confidence and humility.

And don't we all deserve that? Imagine a world where we each know our own worth and the worth of each other and we each grace ourselves, our families and our communities with it. Stunning.

My work has been pulled more firmly into the modality or Coaching with the Tarot (I chatted all about this in last month's post). I use it with the folks I work with one to one, in my Tarot readings and I'll be sharing a lot more about how we can use it to coach ourselves in the upcoming membership area, Self Coaching with the Tarot (coming January 2023). I'd love to see you there. Make sure you are joined up for the monthly newsletter so you can get any updates about this space, business and human. You can sign up here.

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