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Energetic Repair for Aries Season ♈️

Updated: Mar 28

There’s the real possibility for Alchemy in this season as we have predominantly fire energies mixed with some water energy. You can’t have fire and water together without a little magic. 

We are being encouraged to let our flames flare a bit as long as we trust the quality of our water things to help temper things if they get a little ‘ragey’. 

We may be feeling the pull towards action, change and doing. 

We may feel that we have more capacity for things.

We may notice that we are feeling more fired up about things. 

All of these are great…and,also, we can be connected to our emotional realms to let us know when we have pushed a wee bit too far, to cool things down and to let us know when we are reaching a limit. 

This is also the case of our interpersonal relationships. Repair is one of the most important aspects of community, connection and relationship. We are all humans and in our human-ness is mistakes, reaction, failure, miscommunication, etc. We will all encounter that and we will all engage in that. Emotional Intelligence is the wisdom of our water inner realms. It knows when to pause, give space, check in, hold fire, cool things and circle back. When aligned it is grace and curiosity and honesty and love. And when it's not? (Waves hands at the state of the world) well it's a pretty shitty place for all of us to be.

We can also choose to be the leaders of our own universes and honour our energetic needs by letting ourselves be guided by our wise emotional waters.

Below is your freebie for this season. You can also download a PDF version.

You can download a PDF of this support here.

Aries Season
Download PDF • 34.12MB

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