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Habit Work the Shine Time Way

Updated: Jan 8

Our everyday small things really, deeply matter. These are the things that impact our moods, our energy levels, what we are capable for, our relationships, etc . Our everyday small things are your magic things and deserve to be treating as sacred.

It really is how we make magic with our lives.

I’m working really hard to look at each of my days as the cultivation of a series of small (and meaningful), mundane (and magical), beautiful (and sacred) intentional moments that make up this life of mine.

They all matter and they are all uniquely mine just like yours are uniquely yours.

I feel deeply that this is what true healing and change look like.

It's the everyday ways we approach ourselves and our choices, how we speak to and resource ourselves and how we allow ourselves to receive support, beauty, pleasure, love and care. It all really matters.

One of the ways we can ease into some habit work is by keeping one small promise for ourselves. A small promise like journaling, pulling cards, drinking a big glass of water, taking your meds, having a shower, going for a walk, stretching, meditating, eating a nutrient dense breakfast, praying, reading, dancing, singing...anything really that supports you best.

Finding one small promise that we can keep to ourselves each morning really signifies that we matter first in our day (cause we do...I know that really hard for some of us to fully accept).

Some other habit work hints that really help are:

  • Check your why

  • Keep them simple Sweetie (K.I.S.S)

  • Start small

  • Stack them with already established habits

  • Redefine 'Consistency' (no more 'All or Nothing' when we can do some good good 'All or Something')

  • Progress over perfection

  • Make them enticing

  • Release any moral value to the habit

  • Remember that discomfort of the new thing isn't a sign it's a wrong thing.

Some Tarot supports for habit work:

You can journal around these themes or pull one of the cards out that you feel particularity pulled to a put it somewhere visible for you (think altar, bedside table or workspace). Maybe you need to pull a few clarifying cards as specific supports for you to engage more fully with one of the habit cards.

The Magician: The Magician reminds us to take stock of our magician’s workshop. We are often more resourced and supported that we may first think. It’s the behind the scenes things we do every day that really matter most.

The Empress: The Empress reminds us that we are all worthy of our own consideration and caretaking. We are worthy and it is essential. Consider your relationship to receiving your own care.

The Star: The Star reminds us that our healing is supported best by habits created from gentle curiosity and compassion. Consider what your unique needs are with acceptance.

The Page of Pentacles: The Page of Pentacles reminds us that what we do each day matters. That our everyday small things are actually our big things. Consider how you treat your daily behaviours as sacred.

It's really important to check in with ourselves around how we want our habits and goals to make us feel and how we want to be able to move through our lives. I'll be sharing more about this and how we can assess and connect to our aligned Core Values over the next week.

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