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Kind-Hearted Habits the Shine Time Way.

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Hello gorgeous ones! This month of July is all about looking at and supporting our habits (you ask and you receive cause I lurve ya).

I adore habits. I've always had a bit of a thing for routine and undertanding the why and how around the things we do. It's in my blood as a mum, a teacher, a life coach (and as a Virgo fellow Virgos know what I'm saying). It's been a part of my life since I was a little girl, particularly when I was a competitive swimmer from 10 to 18. We practiced twice a day, the first practice was at 6am so you better believe we had to nail our habits as a family. My mom also worked well with routine and my sister and I grew up in that safe environment where you knew what was happening and what was coming. Flexible habits kept me going while I was rowing at Uni and then as a teacher. The wee ones love a bit of supportive habits, let me tell you. Kids and adults alike thrive in an environment where we know what is happening and what is coming up. Our classroom would run so smoothly, with the kids in charge of more and more as the year went on because we had consistent habits to work within. It actually allowed for more freedom and exploration because so much of the important stuff was taken care of automatically.

We can all thrive when we figure out what would work best for us, identify the habits that support that and then slowly integrate them into our lives.

I'll tell you a little secret though, I'm a bit shite at the consistency piece. I can recognise and own this part of myself whitout shame and without being a judgement meany to myself. It's all good! It's important feedback and I can support myself with it. I know I can be easily swayed by the shiney new thing that will work HARDER! FASTER! BETTER! So setting up supportive habits isn't the tricky part, it's the sticking with them that I need a bit of support with. Which is totally fine! We all have our thing.

Let me tell you a few things that have helped me identify and choose the habits which will support me best and then I'll look at the things I'm doing to help me stick with them. I'll also throw in some troubleshooting at the end along with my favourite habit resources.

*Some things that will really help identify the habits that are for you are:

- Letting yourself be open to learning about how you work best. How you best work, move, create, love, rest...basically being really honest about who you are, what you like and how you operate best.

- Identifying your core values so to ensure the habits are in alignment with who you are at your foundation. I'll be adding a Core Values freebie in August's Newsletter so keep an eye out for that.

- Prioritising how you want to feel over the attainment of thing based goals.

- Letting yourself visualise your ideal future self so you can set yourself up to move in that direction. Future Self work is a big part of life coaching.

- Daily visualisation in general is a wonderful tool. You can visualise how your day with your habits may go or you can visualise how you may feel after your habit has been implemented for a while.

- Choosing one habit at a time, make it small and sustainable.

- Check out the Kind-hearted Habits Manifesto here.

*Some things that help me stick to my habits are:

- A habit tracker or check-list. I have a lovely wee Habit Tracker course you can find in the Shine Time School here on the website.

- A support buddy (just make sure they have the same mentality as you around your approach).

- Make it visual and easy. Make sure the thing you want to incorporate into your life is one you almost can't ignore. Leave you workout clothes out, have water bottles around your home, set alarms and reminders, write out your 'why' so you see it everyday.

- Stack it with a habit you are already doing. Want to be better at taking your vitamins, put them next to your toothbrush that you use every evening.

- Connect with your core values and your why every day. Make it a part of your morning of what it on the lock screen of your phone.

- Work with a coach. I have done this and I do this with my clients. I sometimes need space to get out of my overthinking brain so I can get some clarity with my why and how. I can support you with that too. It's the coaching option on my 'work with me' page.

Phew! So many ways to support yourself!

*Some resources for you:

- Me! (Insert cheesy grin here). Whether it is the daily posts breaking all of this down over on Instagram or the habit tracker course or jumping all the way in and working with me, I have a lot of give with this work and am here for it!

- The Power of Small by Aisling and Trish Leonard-Curtin

- The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

- Atomic Habits by James Clear

- Start with Way by Simon Sinek

- Better than Before by Gretchin Rubin

- Balance 365 over on Instagram and Facebook (they do with health promoting habit work)

- Shirin at Wholehearted Coaching speaks a lot about habit approaches and Future You work.


- All or Nothing mentality: Perfection will kill a habit dead, let me tell you. We can always do All or Something instead

- You're trying to do too much, too quick. Slow it down, break it down, take it a day at a time.

- You stop too soon. Small habits will produce small changes...give it enough time and those changes become bigger and bigger. Give it time, trust the process.

- Your habit isn't right for you...go back to the Core Values work, connect to who you are and how you really work best and pick a habit that suits you best.

You know I'm here for this work with you all. I am IN it.

I have picked two habits that were already kind of there but I wanted to tighten up.

I starting each day with some morning magic time (quiet, reflective time where I can check-in with tarot, visualise my future me and set intentions for the day).

My second habit is some daily movement. To support myself with this I am reconnecting with my core values and have a supportive movement buddy.

Here's to a month of good, wholesome, happy-making habits designed just for us.

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