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Let's Talk about Leadership

...and Why We Need to Be Our Own Aligned Leaders.

Themes of leadership are going to be huge this Aries Season. Considering and embodying aligned leadership qualities is hugely important.

We are seeing the impact of a lot of the worst kind of leadership (using this term very loosely here). Unaligned leadership is rootless. It is not built on a solid foundation. It is easily toppled. It lashes out and is self serving. It protects itself and not the whole. It's is greedy and grasping and unhealed.

We know this. We are used to working in systems that uphold unaligned leadership and we are definitely seeing a lot of 'what not to do'.

It is so important for each of us to remember that we are the leaders in our own lives. We represent leadership in so many ways; with ourselves, with our kids or young family members, with our families and friends, within our communities or roles at work or in any organisations we are a part of. It's vital that we are showing up in a way that models quality leadership for ourselves and for others.

We get to be the leaders we always needed or admired.

The Tarot shares with us how important balance and alignment is, especially in positions of being that aligned and embodied leader. We can't show up as the most impactful Emperor without being rooted in our Empress energy and inner work. We can't embody the attributes of each of the Kings without first doing our inner connection work in the Queens. The Queens and the Empress are the root systems of the Tarot that allow the Kings and Emperor to expand up and out to full up their own space all the way to the edges.

Speaking with Shadi (of Aatash Intuitive Healing Arts) over on our Podcast this week and in my own personal session with her, she brought up some really important questions.

  • Who gets to be a leader and who doesn't (why is that and what does is serve?)

  • Which qualities of leadership do we currently amplify and place more value on currently (why and who benefits from that?)

I can't stop thinking about that. We are missing some really important aspects of leadership the way things are just now. It can feel so overwhelming to see and live with the damage that this does to all of as. It can feel hopeless. But it's crucial to remember that we each have agency in how we show up for ourselves and in our lives. I'm sure many of us have witnessed it, worked with it and embodied it. Let's harness that.

Consider what quality leadership looks/feels/acts like for you.

I know that for myself; walking my paths home, doing my healing things, parenting, showing up in my work requires me to step into a leadership role in my own life. And I want that role to be really very potent.

I journaled around this the other day and these are the qualities of a great leader that I want to embody and emphasise.

Quality leaders:

  • are actively healing

  • trust themselves and their circles

  • are connected to something bigger

  • ensure their actions match their words

  • have kick-ass loving boundaries

  • are honest and genuine

  • are compassionate, curious and excellent space holders

  • own and learn from their mistakes

  • know the value of repair

  • reflective and adaptable

  • move with integrity

  • actively listen

  • are confident in their abilities and aware of their areas for development

  • aren't led by ego

  • know when to push and when to pause

  • are wise, intuitive and open minded

  • are steadfast in priorities

  • take good care with themselves and others

  • connected to their humanity

It's worth taking time to write out your own list of qualities and consider...

  • Which of the qualities come naturally to you and which may need a little healing or work around?

  • How can you show up as this type of leader in your own life (for yourself first)?

  • How can you bring these qualities out into the world with you?

If you Tarot, it is worth spending some time connecting with the leader that feels most impactful and supportive for you at this time. We can all do with a little more depth and connection with the Empress in this Aries Season (Aries rules the Emperor). Personally, I am engaging with a lot of work around the sibling pair or the Queen of Wands (our hearth witch) and the King of Cups (balancing that water & fire). You can find out more about each of our leadership over in the Self Coaching with the Tarot membership area here.

Thanks for being here! A few folks have asked how they can support the work that goes into the blog posts. I just love the generosity of this space. I've added a link for 'Buy Me a Coffee' if you feel pulled to send a wee bit of appreciation.

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