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My Burnout, The Business and K.I.S.S

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Hello gorgeous ones! Welcome (back) to the Shine Time Blog. I started blogging over 3 years ago and it started so much for me. I did it for a year and in that time I decided I wanted to work more closely with people like you. I did my life coaching training and rediscovered Tarot and now here we this tarot/coaching/human evolving space that I love so much.

This monthly blog is an opportunity for me to share more about myself, the business, resources and support away from the machine that is social media (hello love/hate relationship).

I hope this monthly blog is a chance for you to grab a hot beverage and 10 minutes to sit, chill, be entertained (maybe) and feel like you’ve been hugged or winked at from afar.

This month is all about K.I.S.S. or Keeping It Simple Sweatpea, a bit about my burnout (hence the need for K.I.S.S.), and changes to the business (also… see K.I.S.S.).

There’s a theme if you haven’t picked that up yet ( of course you have...I’m not known for my subtlety).

So firstly...the burnout. Ugh...UGGGGGH. Let me tell you, this has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced. The complete lack of energy with the over the top of emotions mixed in with body aches, pains and inflammation. Those that know me will have a good laugh when I share that when I was signed off from my teaching job by my doctor, I was determined to ‘do burnout’ the best. I was going to do all the healing things everyday and make the most of the time to reflect and heal and learn and grow….ha...ha. I thought I was putting enough things down but, nope. There was always something else that I thought was good for me in the time that was draining the life and soul out of me. I literally had to put ALL the things down. And then, cue the GUILT. Fuck sake. That guilt about not doing the things I ‘should’ be or used to do or even wanted to. I had to drop it all. The good things and the everyday things and the mum things and the me things. All of it. I stared into space, I watched all of Netflix, I cried and raged and cried some more and I slept and slept and slept. I was immensely supported by my husband, who has had his own experiences with burnout and has been able to guide me through my own with patience, humour and compassion. I’m in a bit of a better space but there is still a long way to go. I’ve evolved in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I’m starting to pick up a few things here and there but I’ll tell you what, I’m leaving so much of it behind. Burn out changes you. It’s suppose to. We aren’t meant to go back to the way things were in the same way. I value myself more now. I value my loved ones and friends more than ever. I value my time and my pace and my capacity. I value that I can no longer go on with things the way they were because they weren’t mine in the first place.

Sometimes you just have to put ALL the things down.

If you are feeling it....I’m so here to talk to you about things, please get in touch if you need. But my top 5 suggestions off of the top of my head are:

  1. Put it all down

  2. All of it. Put all of it down

  3. Yep...even that

  4. Ask for help

  5. Because it all needs to be put down.

I’m well aware that many folk feel like they can’t put the things down (hello...I was one of those people) but honestly. It’s the only way that you can heal, release and come back together to function. No…to thrive.

It’s the only way...because if you don’t, your body will put down the things for you. My body felt like it was shutting down. It probably was and I know that sounds dramatic but hey...burnout is no fucking joke.

I did, heroically, manage to read two books in the beginning that helped a lot.

  1. Wintering by Katherine May

  2. The Joy of Burnout by Dina Glouberman

I also started working through an amazing course created by Shirin at Wholehearted Coaching called The Inner Compass. I just couldn’t coach myself through this thing on my own and I couldn’t keep relying solely on my husband to be my only support. This course is stunning. I’m about halfway through and can’t speak highly enough about it. I can't reccomend it enough.

Psssst...I’m not going to share much about what lead me to burnout for two reasons. One, I can hardly remember a time over the past 7-8 years where I haven’t been travelling towards this point and two, it is so personal and comparing our reasons for burnout can make us feel like ours aren’t valid (I totally did this). You are where you are at and that is valid enough.


This burnout has changed every aspect of me. It was meant to. My purpose now is about allowing more ease, wonder, self-worth and self-trust into my life. I can only do that by keeping things SIMPLE. Simplifying is life right now. One of the mottos I had as a teacher was ‘Keep It Simple Sweetpea’ (or K.I.S.S for short) and what this burnout is sharing with me is that there has never been a more important time to simplify. Simplicity, Ease and Compassion are the name of the game (or what I’m striving for from this point forward.

Life isn’t always easy or simple but more of our own personal experiences can be...if we let them. When I was teaching Primary 1’s (coming in at 4 and 5 years old here in Scotland) I would often need to take a moment to see where I was overcomplicating things. I am an ideas person. I love them...I get fired up by them and then I want to do them all (often all at once). But these babies needed simplicity and clarity so I started getting in the habit of reminding myself KISS. Keep It Simple Sweetpea. I’m bringing it back and I hope you find it supportive too. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s now one of the foundations of this business and has made a comeback in my personal life as well.

Some things to consider:

Where are we overthinking or over complicating something?

Is there an easier way to go about something?

Are there things we assume have to be complicated to be deemed successful that maybe...don’t?

Are we saying yes to things that aren't actually for us anymore?

Are we putting things off that would help allow so much more ease in?

The next time you find yourself getting overwhelmed or frustrated, can you take a breath and try a little KISS?

Keep It Simple Sweatpea.

K.I.S.S. and Shine Time Coaching

This is back as a motto and foundation for my everyday life and for the business too. I'm going to be focusing solely on Tarot readings with built in life coaching support. My soul wants to read for people. It’s the thing I love the most. I love the connection, the support, the ‘wow moments’, the synchronicity. I love the way folk respond and the many sparks of inspiration, hope and determination someone can walk away with. You know I’m so here for that.

In the name of simplicity and ease, I’m going to be opening my books once a month for a set number of readings. This is to ensure I am able to fill my cup up between and you all get the most out of your readings. I’ll be offering straight tarot readings (that always have built in coaching tips and hints), readings with 1:1 coaching before and/or after the reading and tarot support for those who would like a one-off session to set up a tarot practice or to help translate a reading you have done for yourself. I’ll still be doing the year ahead readings in December and January and the courses will still be evolving over on Teachable but...That’s it!

Simple, easy and therefore more supportive and authentic.

There will be a lot of support on Instagram, through this blog, on the podcast and in the monthly newletter. This seems the way that I can best serve you and me and us.

I'm so honoured you are always, thank you.

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