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Our 2022 Lovers Year

This coming year's theme is all around a Sacred Homecoming.

2022 is a Lovers year (2+0+2+2=6). The Lovers is our sixth card in the Major Arcana and is ruled by Gemini.

Over 2021 we were being asked to step into our own knowing around our own lives in some way with the Hierophant. We were invited to be our own best teacher and our own best expert. This year, over 2022, we will be working with the energy of The Lovers. This is the work that goes into being our own permission and approval givers. This is the work and gift that comes from pulling all the pieces of ourselves back in. The pieces that we may have given away to be liked, accepted, loved, approved of and respected. The pieces that, maybe, we were shown or taught to give away as children; the people pleasing, the lack of boundaries (or maybe the overly rigorous boundaries), the putting everyone else first, the negative self-talk. All of those things become, so clearly, an inside job over the next year.

The pieces of ourselves we gave away aren’t lost, they never are. There is still a little string attached that we can grab onto and pull back in; hand over hand. We reel these pieces in now knowing that we are worthy of them all. We are worthy of the wholeness that is right here waiting for us. We are worthy of our own care and consideration and boundaries. We are worthy of our own time and rest and joy. The Lovers shares with us just how worthy we are and that the knowing of this is a massively radical act.

When we know ourselves, we are less likely to be swayed away again. When we know ourselves, we can see the shitty systems that are in place and the relationships that benefit from us not knowing. We can feel when we are not living in alignment with ourselves. We can see and feel and know what our core values are. We can see and feel and know our own uniqueness. We can see and feel and know and VALUE what makes us tick and how we work best and how we love best and how we deserve to be treated. The Lovers is a chance to look into the mirror and see deep within ourselves. It’s a chance to be the gentlest and most loving with ourselves when we ask...

What next?

Is this right for me?

Am I happy?

What makes me feel happy and whole and full?

What feeds my soul?

What makes my heart sing?

How can I put myself first?

What do I need to thrive?

How can I serve in my most unique and wonderful way?

What am I here to share?

What is my love language?

What are some love notes I can write myself?

I did say this card will kick all of our asses. It's not easy when we are asked to consider placing ourselves in the centre of our own lives. It can feel...selfish? Silly? Impossible?

But what if…

What might happen if we showed up like this more?

What would we say yes to?

What would we say no to?

What strength and empowerment would we gain from that centre position?

What lessons would we show?

Everyone wins when we are loved by ourselves wholeheartedly.

But we win too. Maybe we even win first. And that's the whole beautiful point.

Here's to a year of coming home to ourselves in some way.

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