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Our Beautiful Rage

I say this all the time and I truly mean it, when folks come to me with anger, rage, frustration, disappointment around how something is for them, I get a wee trill of excitement (think like a robin trilling away loud and proud).

Knowing 'not this' is powerful AF.

Your rage is valid.

Your anger is important.

Your frustration is sacred.

Your disappointment is telling.

It's all good data.

We don't have to know exactly where we are going to take a first, best step away from these holy emotions. When we embrace all the parts of ourselves, yes even (especially) these harder and less desirable emotions, we are signalling to ourselves that we have the wisdom of knowing ourselves to lean on.

You don't need to make it palatable or lessen it's impact or dampen it's fury... you can choose to put an arm around it and listen. Just hear what it is telling you. That's where the magic is. That's where the good, good info is.

What is it telling you?

Not This.

Not This.

Not This. instead?

Being in frustration or rage isn't necessarily a time for hard and fast change or action (though for some it can absolutely be). More often it is a time to welcome your inner voice to share what it is that's frustrating (enraging, disappointing) you.

If we can take a minute to get quiet and listen there will be some real treasure there.

Usually our anger, frustration or disappointment comes from:

Feeling like we were sold and then bought into a lie

Feeling like we don't have any control or input

Feeling like we've been let down

Knowing that we have outgrown something

Knowing that we aren't going to get the acceptance or recognition we deserve

Feeling like we aren't being seen or understood

Feeling like we are being taken advantage of

Seeing behind a veil and realising that what we thought we knew wasn't true

That's all really good data. And the good news is that we usually have much more choice then maybe we think. We certainly have much more choice than if we hadn't been brave enough to really listen to what is being shared.

Embracing these parts of ourselves and these emotions as being valid and beautiful and necessary is a really flipping brave thing to do.

So what can we do when these emotions come up and they feel deep and real and honest?

We can listen.

We can honour and thank them.

We can journal.

We can pull cards around them.

We can consider what our options and choices are.

We can daydream.

We can dream and scheme.

We can get out in nature.

We can brainstorm ideas.

We can think outside the box.

We can let ourselves believe in what's possible.

We can look out for possible next steps and new paths.

We can conspire with our trusted ones.

We can ask for another perspective.

We can practice our embodiment supports.

We can soothe our nervous systems.

We can trust ourselves to know our yes, no, not yet, now.

We can work with an aligned space holder (you know I'm here for this).

We can let ourselves get a wee bit excited that something in us is letting us know what isn't working or what isn't aligned anymore. We can allow ourselves to be grateful for the internal warning sign. We can be proud of ourselves for trusting that we can be with these emotions and hear what they have to say.

Your rage is beautiful. It's good data. Go give it a wee hug and see what it wants to share.

I love us lots,


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