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Staying With Ourselves When We Are Evolving

First of all, straight out of the gate, trust that there can be no evolution without staying with ourselves. If we are learning and growing and checking in and pivoting and adapting then the chances are pretty darn high that we are probably pretty in tune and connected with ourselves. Change and growth can be big, heavy, hard, sticky, scary and even painful experiences. It can be easy to assume that there is a wrongness to ourselves or our experience.

Pausing, breathing, intuitive check-ins, grounding things, gentle curiosity and real self compassion always.

Usually when we give ourselves these moments, we can see the path as being more new and unknown rather than bad and wrong (even 'wrong' paths have their gems).

What I'm learning for myself in my journey with growth is that I can go low and slow (2 of Wands) and I can always check in with what feels loving (Ace of Cups). These are the Tarot supports that are guiding my work right now. They help me to stay with myself when all the ideas and all the worst case scenarios are wanting to pull me away from what I'm here to do, share and build.

I'm an ideas person. I love them. Give me those bright, shiny new sparks and I'm off and running. My challenge is to slow down, pick the ones that are actually for me in those moments and work with them in a way that supports my pace, capacity and ebbs and flows. I am working with some body/health stuff that means this is more important than ever. I want to do this work in a way that supports me and supports our community. I want to be here for the long run doing this work. I want to enjoy most of my time and moments doing this work (even the admin stuffs and even cringy stuffs). I want to be able to give something to a community of folk who are HERE FOR IT. I want to build this community bit by bit over time. I want to be able to try things, mess up, learn and try again. I want everything I create or make or share or do to be from a place of alignment. I want to grow this business in a way that I am proud of and that serves (both me and us).

And I'm off to a great start, don't get me wrong. I have a few coaching clients that are just the most beautifully aligned souls and I am doing a handful of readings a month for more aligned souls who take them as the supportive invitations they are and run with them. BUT these are big time and energy investments. I have space for these but I have been feeling like I've been missing something along the way in order to work with more people in a more accessible way.

The past four months have been a period of massive transformation for me both professionally and personally (and financially!) since leaving teaching. I was both exhausted and over stimulated with ideas about all the things I should be doing and how I should be 'earning' that choice to leave teaching. It was a lot.

The thing that kept me grounded and, let's be honest, sane, has been my morning time of inner connection, journal and Tarot. This is the thing, above all things (maybe up there with being in water) that has giving me the space to stay with myself the most while experiencing some big, sticky evolution. Using these tools I was able to coaching myself through a really muddy time.

And from this time and this self coaching came some real clarity. From this time came my baby idea of a wee online members space called 'Self Coaching with the Tarot' (of which I'll be sharing much more about over the next few months). Everything slowed down and everything clicked all because I was able to:




Get Intuitive

Do the grounding things

Be gentle in my curiosity

And practice real self compassion

So my lovelies. This is your reminder to keep connected with yourself through your own stuff that allows you some space, some time, some air, some grounding, some quiet, some reflection and some self-compassion...whatever those things may be for you. And protect them like your life depends on them. Cause they are everything.

Love you lots,


Just a wee reminder that the Teachable courses have been redesigned as downloadable PDF guides and can be purchased over on the website here. For those of you who invested in the teachable courses, you were emailed with a code to download them again with no cost. Please get in touch if you didn't receive that email.
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