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Steadfast Foundations for Taurus Season ♉️

Updated: Apr 22

There can be more of a sense of steadiness in this upcoming Taurus season with the real sense of inner rootedness; knowing who we are, what our values are and staying more with ourselves as we move through our day to day lives. 

What’s in our compost from our dead things (Temperance is our composting card) that we have learned from? What goodness have we gleaned from them? What lessons are we taking with us so we can stay really rooted in what we are here for? 

Something in this season is really asking us to pay attention to the most foundational parts of our lives; the basic everyday things we do. It’s asking us to treat our day to day things as holy and to make the changes to ensure they align with how we want to feel and how we want to show up every day. The groundedness of this season is actually a great time to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones a bit and make sure we aren’t just on auto pilot. 

You can download a PDF of this support below.

Taurus Season
Download PDF • 54.42MB

Thanks for being here! A few folks have asked how they can support the work that goes into the blog posts. I just love the generosity of this space. I've added a link for 'Buy Me a Coffee' if you feel pulled to send a wee bit of appreciation.

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