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The Year Ahead Readings are back!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021


This has been an offering I have shared the past three years and my love for it runs so deep. I'm delighted to be able to offer it again this year.

The connection with those who took part the past few years and the insights that came up for them has been something bigger and better than I could have hoped for (see some of their words below). And it's back! It's a special one straight from my wee heart to yours.

Year ahead readings are no joke in the realm of personalised guidance. Like, no effin joke. They are invitations around the energy and support you’ll have available to you as you journey through your year.

You will get detailed information about the Lovers year of 2022 that will connect to you and your personal invitations, your birth and personal year card and a theme card for each month. This isn't fortune telling, it's consideration and invitation.

Working with my own support cards and reading this past year has been something else and how they played themselves out for and with me has been a trip. 2021 has changed me like no other (in a really hard and wonderful way) and having these insights and supports has felt like gentle hands on my back through it all.

I would love to share your invitations for your 2022 with you. I would love to dive in deep so you can walk your year path with the understanding, connection and support that is available for you. I would be honoured to read your cards and create self-coaching considerations for you. It's like my most favourite thing to do.

The nature of these readings means I only have a limited number of spaces available. They are big, juicy readings that take up a lot of time and energy. ⠀

I have 9 spaces available for this work in December with the possibility of a waitlist for a few readings early in the New Year.

Is this offering for you?

This year ahead reading has been created for Tarot Babes and non-readers alike.

It's for those who are looking to connect deeper to the cycle of their year.

It's for those who are feeling pulled to connect more to themselves and be more in their lives.

It's for those gorgeous creatures who get their hands dirty in their own work and are open to more; more truth, more joy, more growth and more magic.

It's for those who feel the pull and nudges of their intuition and want some clarity around what those whispers are saying.

The investment for this offering is £123. ⠀

The investment for this offering with a follow-up coaching session is £200*.⠀

Get in touch if you would like to pay these over 2 months. ⠀

Included in your reading offering is:

- Email or Whatsapp correspondence (can be written or voicenotes) prior to your reading.

- A juicy 15 card spread (maybe more if the cards want to come out in pairs)

- A detailed write up about each card

- An even more detailed recording about your reading with any insights or observations that may have come up during your reading.

- Coaching insights, tips and hints

_ *a 1 hour follow up coaching session to focus on any area you would like

Please note that these readings are done remotely. as the readings work best when I’m in my own space, on my own (I get easily distracted). The follow-up coaching session will be done over the phone.

Doors open for the Newsletter Crew on Wednesday, October 27th.⠀

Doors open for the community here on Monday, November 1st. ⠀

Maybe being a part of the newsletter crew is a good idea 😉

Scroll down to have a read of these gorgeous words by these gorgeous humans...

Amber said...Choosing a year ahead reading with Jenny last year was a gentle, deliberate move toward creating a gentler, more deliberate 2021. My goal for the year was simple, to feel closer to Source, something lacking in my daily life for nearly its entirety. Time spent with Jenny, and then considering her words and guidance, helped me do just that. The reading itself was much like Jenny: wise, encouraging, reflective, and supportive. I intended to visit it often but truthfully I absorbed it once and re-visited again at the Fall equinox. I was surprised and delighted to find that many of the cards she pulled resonated with my journey over the year. The tarot suggested this would be another year of transformation, and I believe being open to the reading helped me find myself creating beautiful, unexpected things while feeling the most peaceful, and resourceful I have in years. Jenny’s life coaching is like a warm robe, hot mug of tea, and cozy slippers after a bath. You can feel the love in her readings, and the depth with which she knows her cards is refreshing and enlightening. The Year Ahead reading was supportive, challenging, and accurate, and I’m so happy I decided to seek it out.

Jennifer said...My introduction to tarot really came through Jenny. I used her intro to tarot course to start learning how to work with a deck and was massively supported by her "in session with Tarot" course. It continues to be a resource I come back to when working with tarot. The guides to card meanings are written in such a supportive manner, there's information on how to work deeper with the cards and there are so many other resources listed if you feel pulled to explore further. It's so supportive.

I've previously had a reading from Jenny and when she offered a year ahead offering I jumped at the chance to take a spot. Not just a month by month card pull, it incorporated the Hierophant year, how this interacts with my birth cards and also my year ahead cards. There was a seasonal breakdown of how winter, spring, summer was going to feel based on how the cards relating to those months were interacting and what themes were going to come up for those seasons, then into the actual month-by-month pull.

Each month the card and what this might look like were explained as well as a theme for each month. With this being real life (as well as in the midst of a pandemic), not everything is sunshine and roses. Where that came up in the reading, Jenny acknowledged what was going to feel hard, what was going to feel icky or contracting, but acknowledging that the support of the year card was going to remind us to trust even when all is not clear and the whole picture not quite visible yet.

Coming to the end of January I can't emphasise enough how spot on this reading has been for this month; it feels supportive in the context of where my life is right now. Even though this year is all about the Hierophant and being our own best teachers and knowing what is best for ourselves, the reading feels like a comforting little "I got you, buddy."

Following completion of the reading there were tips on how to engage with it as the year goes on. I've chosen to display my month card but as journalling is a part of my routine, I go back to the reading at the start of each week and see how my actions or cards drawn tie in with that.

I am so glad that someone recommended Jenny. She puts the most beautiful and supportive offerings out there and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her further in the future.

I am never not blown away by how open hearted the folks I work with are.

I would love to connect with you in this way if you feel pulled to give it a go.

If you have any questions, ping me an email here over on the website.

Or send me a wee DM over on Instagram.

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