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This Thing Called Tarot

This is one of those things that comes up quite a bit and that I (now) love sharing about. How I came to combine tarot and coaching...and how this combo works.

It’s a tangled web indeed! And you just know I love tangled webs.

My journey with tarot is both new and old. I was pulled to it when I was younger and really got into it in my mid 20’s, about the time I moved to Scotland (let me tell you, there is definitely something in the air, land and sea here). The problem was that I didn’t know the teachers I know now. I was using some pretty outdated guides and books and the internet just wasn’t the place it is now. The old fashioned and overly simplistic viewpoints about many of the cards just didn’t sit well with me. I knew there was more to it but I didn’t have that connection (yet). Also, there was quite a bit of shame and misunderstanding around what tarot is. Hats off to the earlier practitioners who soldiered on. Oft. I put it aside and moved on with life but it always sat inside like a little seed waiting for the right stimulus to start properly growing.

Fast forward to turning 40. Let me tell you, if you haven’t reached your 40’s yet, they are a glorious mess of getting right down to the root you yourself but that’s a whole other blog post. I had taught for over 20 years and at that point I was teaching part time quite a drive away from home. I was driving for nine hours a week for a three day a week job and listening to podcasts and audiobooks like they were going out of style.

I was beginning to suspect that teaching wasn’t going to be a forever job and that there was something else out there for me. I found Brooke Castillo’s (life coach) and Lindsay Mack’s (tarot) podcast and was obsessed. Little did I know that listening to both was beginning to weave the two together for me already.

I decided to train to be a life coach with the Rainer Institute, which was wonderful and intense and holy moly, oh so insightful. Not long after I decided to fully immerse myself in Lindsay’s tarot teachings and philosophies. It was tarot the way I suspected it could be all those years ago. Because I trained with the two at the same time (as well as completely Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead programme), something started to take shape for me. They all went together so well. Unbelievably well. Like…’soul mates’ well.

And yet...there was still this taint of shame around tarot for me. I felt so unsure about sharing it with folk because of all the misinformation or dramatisation around it still. I love it so much and the more I see the benefits for myself and for those I read and coach with, the more I feel proud to share what I do. It also helps that there are so many amazing readers in the tarot community over on Instagram. We are a force now.

So...tarot and coaching. I’m realising, and can now admit to myself and others, that I have a gift for connection. I am a pretty sensitive, empathetic and intuitive soul and I might as well channel it all to good use right? It’s what drew me to teaching and it’s what draws me to coaching and tarot. Connection with other people and with the things around us that aren’t as obvious. Linking tarot and coaching for me is just good sense. It plays to my strengths.

Lindsay Mack’s style of soul tarot is one of the most beautiful philosophies I’ve come across. About her should tarot she shared in her most recent email,

'You also have your Tarot deck, a profound source of nourishment and clarity in these wild times. You can always look to this tool (or any other helping tool that you engage with) as a gentle North Star, one that can be a homecoming in moments where we feel lost.
Tarot is an ally that can help us be with anything — and I mean anything — that arises in life. It can stand by our side in the midst of grief, rage, betrayal, and pain. It can offer us guidance when we fuck up and feel confused. Over the years, I have been privileged to witness these kinds of miraculous bonds form between folks and their decks, the kind of intimacy that develops when we call upon the Tarot as an anchor to help us be with whatever is arising within us.

See what I mean? Homecoming is it for me. A homecoming right to the heart of things and right to the heart of myself. It’s my tool. My deck is my ride or die creep.

My husband was, rightfully so, pretty skeptical of the whole tarot thing but as I shared more and more with him, he began to really get it. He shared with me that it’s like viewing things with different lenses. Like using De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats to view things from different perspectives. Well...yes! They are deep invitations to view things from the perspective of what’s highest and best for you at the present and your highest and best possibilty. And because we are human, we always have the choice about how much we engage or whether or not we engage at all.

So, let’s look at coaching (in relation to therapy). We have zero beef with therapy here at Shine Time Coaching. We LOVE therapy (been there)...yay therapy! It’s just not my wheelhouse. It’s not what I chose to pursue.

For me coaching is a space where you and I will walk together. Often I let you go off and explore a bit while I keep the camp fires burning. Often I guide with questions and those much dreaded (but much needed) silent pauses. It’s very much about looking at what is, exploring what could be and then us working together to see what feels the most right and safe way for you to get from here to there. With Tarot we benefit from a wealth of guides and a variety of map perspectives.

Tarot gives us the hints, clues, shortcuts and deeper awareness to the ‘what is’ and the ‘what is possible’ parts. Sometimes it reveals a path we had kept hidden from ourselves. It’s a beautiful, beautiful combo.

There is a massive element of trust when it comes to both coaching and the Tarot where you have to trust the process for both and you have to trust yourself in the process. As a coach and reader, I provide the safe space where people can trust and explore what's coming up. It's a real honour.


If you are interested in delving more into tarot, I've got some great resources for you.


Tarot for Yourself by Mary K. Greer

Tarot Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot by Skye Alexander

Modern Tarot by Michelle Tea

Inuitive Tarot by Brigit Esselmont


Lindsay Mack at Wild Soul Healing (Lindsay's soul tarot is my chosen tarot philosophy and my main teacher/mentor).

Neghar Fonooni

Jordan at Sincerely the Tarot

Irene at Whiterose Wellness

Shadi at Aatash Intuitive Healing Arts

I also HAVE to mention the Life Coach of all Life Coaches, Shirin at Wholehearted Coaching.

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