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Welcome + Tarot for Messy Times

This month's post is kicking off a new format for how the blog (and therefor the podcast) are going to look. We'll kick off with some business updates, coaching hints and/or life musing and then move onto some coaching themed Tarot support. This is more in line with how Shine Time coaching is going to look and feel from now on; combining all the best bits of this space for us.

This month I really want to kick things off with a bit of a manifesto and boundary chat. I don't know about you but boundaries are a really hard thing for me. I'm working at softening to them because, darn it, I know how important they are (and I'm trying to live what I encourage in others...ha!). This business revamp and focus felt like a good time to really clarify who I am as a coach and human here, who I'm here for and what kind of community space I'm hoping to cultivate.

It was so eye opening and interesting what came up...I highly recommend it if you are starting out a new venture or tweaking a space/project you are working on.'s what flowed out of my pen when I considered the above.

The Shine Time Manifesto:

This space is cultivated by a human. This means I view things through my human lense with all the uniqueness and beauty and flaws that that brings. I strive everyday to unlearn a whole lot of crap that I understood to be ‘truth’ growing up. I am actively learning about and trying my best to untangle myself from the dominant views of the society that I grew up in (you know…the systemic and everyday racism, the bias, the deep unfairness of it all). This is lifetime work and I’ll definitely mess up (we all will). I’m open to being called in with compassion and grace when that happens. We will all disagree on things at certain points but if I cause true harm, I’ll do what I need to to unlearn and relearn and make amends.

While I am a coach and reader, I’m not here to be anyone’s guru or teacher. I’m not the expert of anyone's life but my own. I do have a skill set that allows for folk to explore that for themselves but this space is for partnership and exploration and expansion (yours and mine).

I lean very hard towards fairness and equity and have a strong justice button. I believe deeply in body, spiritual and love autonomy. I believe that we are all born to discover and choose who we are and what we are here for (no matter the roles we were assigned). I believe in community care and science and magic and that making things more fair for everyone isn’t nearly as hard as we are told it is.

I am working hard everyday to believe the best in people and to believe the best in myself and hope that this space reflects that. That being said, anyone who causes harm in this space and is unwilling to be open to the why’s and the how’s and changes to be considered will be released.

I am also running a business and will be advertising and promoting that. I work really hard to give accessible value when I post on social media and through the newsletter, the blog and the podcast. There is a whole bunch of goodness there and also I know my worth in the offerings I have created. There are different ways we can work together from the more accessible price points of the courses working up to my personal readings and my 1:1 option which are hugely time and energy consuming and so are priced accordingly. I take an exchange of energy like services for money very seriously and know I give so much to what I offer.

This space is not for everyone, I’m not for everyone and that is fine; that’s good! Consider this the permission anyone may need to move away (even if we are friends or family). We are always allowed to leave a space that no longer speaks to or feels supportive for us. No offence will be taken. My dream is to build up a community here of folk who are so completely open-hearted and open-minded that they make my heart swoon and who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get into the glorious mess that is coming home to themselves. I see you and I love you muchly. I’m so glad you have found your way here. Thank you for trusting me in holding this space.

Oft right? I kind of love it though. It feels like something I can come back to and remind myself of when things get a bit messy or weird.

Speaking of messy and weird...change. CHANGE! Ugh...

In the midst of all of this change things have felt quite messy.

Life is change and so really, mess is something we all deal with a lot of the time. I turn to the Tarot, well, every day but find particular comfort in it when things are feeling 'messy'. Three cards jumped out to me when I was considering particular supports for messy times; The Hermit, The Moon and the Five of Wands.

Deck from Embroidered Tarot

Tarot for Change:

The Hermit: This card has that pause, reflect and go slow feeling about it which, I'll be honest, isn't always the easiest for me. I can be a 'think it-do it' kind of gal. I get excited by fresh ideas and possibilities. I want to jump in with both feet without always considering if it's the best thing for me and where I'm at. So this pull to hold back a bit, to reflect on where I am and where I'm going, to consider myself in my own life is...important. And yes, challenging, especially when things are feeling messy and unclear. My 'figure it out now' button gets activated hard. The Hermit will ask us to take one step, make one choice, do one thing and then pause again. Pause to assess and adjust and then it will ask us to consider the next set/choice/thing. We won't see it all laid out in front of us. We don't have to. We can work on building that trust for ourselves in our own knowing and our own ability to choose right for ourselves. One step at a time.

The Moon: And if we think The Hermit is unclear...The Moon is even more so. The Moon is a funny old card. Lindsey Mack describes it as a ‘void’ card. Its a mysterious, strange, unknown space. Isn't that terrifying and exciting? Hear me out. I don't know many folk who handle the unknown well. Not many of us LOVE it, you know? And also…unknown times are some of the biggest chances to really lean on and trust ourselves. Also, unknown times can bring with it so much opportunity; so many new paths and treasures along the way. If we can let ourselves kind of flow with it and know that we will be able to handle anything that comes our way, well that's just magic right there. Who knows what will come out of the murk? There is a lot of potential for Feelings with a capital F to make themselves known here. Old wounds or beliefs may try and snatch our attention. It's easily done when things aren't super clear. Don't let your brain play you like that though. You can trust the work that you have done up to this point. You can trust yourself. The Moon really asks us to surrender to the unknown and the trust ourselves in the process.

The Five of Wands: If you too are feeling full of a lot of thoughts and ideas and worries and emotions…just know that I get it. I’m here in it too. Nothing can produce some overwhelm like a big old dose of mess can.

The Five of Wands shows up to remind us that mess can feel yucky, it can feel hot and contracting and also it is a wondrous place full of potential and creativity. There can be great treasure in the middle of mess if we let ourselves be open to it and support ourselves best in it.

Open and supported…that’s the name of the game here (it’s often the name of the game, let’s be honest).

Look at those Wands all over the place being handled here, there and everywhere. Like, what’s going on? Who’s doing what? Where’s this all leading?

Maybe if we pause, feel things out and try some options then we’ll know a little more. Maybe if we sit for a bit and let the ideas come and the perspectives be shared…maybe something special could be built.

Deep breaths, acknowledge what triggers mess activates in you, let there be space for the downloads and the magic, set yourself up with the reminder and support you need and for goodness sake, get your trusted ones in to share what they see.

Here’s to finding the treasure in the mess my loves. It’s there.

Which of these cards feels most supportive for you in your messy times? Depending on what's going on and which one I'm feel more, I'll often pull one of these cards out, reflect on how it is relating to my life just now and then pull a further card of support or as an anchor. I find it helps remind me that I'm okay. I've got this.

I hope your February brings you any clarity that you may need but if it's as messy as mine, then I hope the cards above bring you some comfort.

We've totally got this right? Yeah...we do.

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