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What I love about Coaching (and why it wasn't quite enough)

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Hi! Welcome to October's blog post all about this here Coaching with the Tarot goodness. Like most things in our lives, this work I do now has evolved from a lovely mix of experience, intuitive nudges and divine intervention. You know what I mean...when the exact right things come up and together at the exact right time and you were in the exact right place to receive it and create with it. The best things in my life have to come to me in this way even though, often, when I was in those times it felt hard and confusing and weird (and often awful).

We know, in hindsight, that those contracting times come amidst big growth. So, let me tell you my little story to what brought me to this new and wonderful place where I'm doing the work I was meant to be doing, in a way I was meant to be doing it and with the folk I was meant to be working with.

I loved being a teacher, until I didn't. For a long time I loved going to work and I rarely had the Sunday fear and then, after about 12 years, things started to feel 'off'. I began to slowly feel more frazzled and out of my depth and overwhelmed and totally deskilled. Knowing what I know about myself now, I realised that the environment of schools was never going to suit me long term. I need soft, quiet, reflective spaces and paces. I work best when I feel that my solution based thinking can actually make a difference. I thrive in 1-1 or small group working environments working in a very personal way, with like minded folk and where I can fully be myself. I need to work in a way where I can take my time, tap into my intuition and make empowered choices. So yeah, schools aren't really the environment for me. Not anymore. And that's okay. Who knowns if we are meant to do the same thing for forever. I loved working with children, being able to utilise my creative and organisational skills, learning and learning and learning some more, communing with some of my like minded colleagues (mostly women), the school supplies (can't lie, I love me some school supplies) and being a leader within my own bubble. I met some of my closest friends in that time. There were good times for sure but, over time, the things that didn't or no longer aligned with who I am and how I work best began to wear on me. After I had my son and went down to part time, the cracks become even more obvious. I was doing a 3-4 hour round trip commute and spent the drive crying (a lot), brainstorming ideas (Doggy daycare? Private tutor? Mermaid or bog witch???) and listening to podcasts (I did shift to a school closer to our home and spent 3 years working with children with autism which was a joy and also still not what I was meant to be doing). On those long commutes, I came across two podcasts in particular that started the shift for me; Lindsay Mack's Tarot for the Wild Soul and Brooke Castillo's The Life Coach School Podcast (I've moved away from Brooke Castillo now but that's a post for another time around some of the negative aspects of the coaching culture).

These two podcasts at this time ignited something in me. A possibility for something different. Look, teachers are some of the most skilled folks in the workforce and yet there is a really weird and horrible mentality that we are 'just' teachers and that we don't have transferable skills. This is a bold faced lie. Because of this lie it took me a whole lot of work and many, many, many chats with my very supportive (and patient) husband. Together we researched coaching schools and I settled on The Rainer Institute based out of Calgary, Canada. I worked part time along with my full time mum duties and did my training and classes in the evenings and weekends. It was intensive and scary and exciting and felt like the thing.

Coaching felt like the thing and also it felt a little bit not quite whole (yet).

I was still exploring the Tarot more deeply for myself and invested in massive Tarot deep dives with Lindsay Mack. The whole time I was doing my coaching training, I was relating it to the cards, especially in this new approach that Lindsay's teachings provided. They lined up so naturally for me.

Now, I loved the space that coaching gives us. I loved the time and space that is just for us. I loved the relationship that can build between myself and the folks I get to work with. I loved the structure of a supportive model and the space to consider 'what if' in the best of ways. I loved the skill of listening and the ability to ask just the right question at just the right moment.

And also, something was missing. Some bigger connection and deeper knowing.

I knew I wasn't best utilising a massive part of my personal skill set; my empathy, sensitivity, intuition and the small taps of knowing.The Tarot is my best connection to all of those aspects that make me, me as a coach (and as a human). The Tarot gives us a way into all the goodness waiting to be explored and needing to be acknowledged.

Since bringing in Tarot with the coaching, my ability to coach and support each individual I get to work with has been wild. We marvel all the time at the messages and invitations that come through. At the knowledge and healing they bring. At how needed each of them is in that moment. I coach folks who read Tarot for themselves and for those who don't. And we all love what it brings. It is science and structure and magic and inner knowings all tied up together and it is glorious. It was how I was always meant to work.

Shine Time News and Upcoming Stuffs:

*1:1 Coaching: The Coaching with the Tarot has been so wonderfully successful and been of interest for some lovely folks. I can only work with 4 folks at any one time and have had interest from 3 so far. If this is something you feel would be supportive and are considering working with me in this way, there is a free discovery call that you can book so we can have a wee chat and see if we are a good fit. No sales pitch or pressure.

* Year Ahead Readings: The ever popular Year Ahead Readings are now a permanent offering on the website. I recognise that folks might prefer to have them done around their birthdays or for the zodiac and other New Years that aren't the traditional January time. That being said, I will start advertising for them next month but if you'd like to reserve a space (because I'll only be able to do so many), feel free to purchase one now and we can chat about when you'd like to have to done for.

* Members Area: The Self Coaching with the Tarot Members area is building up nicely and will be ready for general sign up on January 7th. It's something I'm really proud of and a way for us to both work together in an accessible way and for you to use the Coaching with the Tarot themes and resources in your own way and for your own healing journey.

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