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When Change Comes A-Calling

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Well, January, you fickly creature you! Our house was hit by the Coco-Rona after New Year so we have been in isolation (and therefor forced perspective) for a few weeks and physically things have been tough but mentally, oooooweeeee! Things have been made so clear. I'm walking into this Lovers year (and my Star year) pulling so many pieces of myself back in already, especially around owning my skills and abilities as well as giving myself the permissions I need. So changes are a-calling. And I really want, more than anything, to have you along for the ride.

I don't know about you but when change does want in, my usual go-to reaction can be fear and stress and 'ick'. I haven't felt that so much this time round. Maybe because I knew change was needed and I let myself be open to what wanted to come through. year ahead tarot reading was like, 'yep' and then I had my wonderful Astrology reading with Shadi at Attash Intuitive Healing Arts which was also like, 'yep'. So here we are!

The cycle of things means that I'll be doing a ton of work behind the scenes until about April but I want to keep you in the loop as things go. I'll still be offering some services, showing up on Insta, linking with community and being a guest speaker for Karen Preene's 'Keep it Moving' group coaching but mostly I'll be beavering away on the new evolution of Shine Time Coaching.

I've felt for a long time that the Tarot reader and the habit coach sides of me were pulling at each other and not really inclusive to what I was wanting to do and, more importantly, where my real skill set lies. I actually know that what I was doing was playing up the Habit Coach side of things to 'legitimise' the Tarot part of things and I just don't want to do that anymore. I know that what I offer best of all is a soft place for folk to land when they are overwhelmed. I know that I have a strong intuitive connection and that my intuitive language in through Tarot so...I'm changing my focus with Shine Time Coaching to be 'Tarot Coaching for Overwhelm' (insert fanfare/gasps/applause/concerned looks/side-eye here).

Do I have it all worked out yet? Abso-fucking-lutely not. Ha!

But what I do know is that it will have a focus on Tarot for overwhelm deeply linked with coaching for overwhelm.

It will include:

  • Gentle and practical Tarot insights and guidance within a coaching framework

  • Shine Time heart and soul centred readings

  • Healing space for overwhelmed dreamers and triers.

  • Me still as your introverted cheerleader

  • A Shine Time Tool box of resources for when folks are ready to start moving out of overwhelm (which will include things like Kind-Hearted Habits, creative outlets, visualisations and anchor statements).

The why...

I know, so well, that when someone is deep in overwhelm they don’t need more to-do’s and shoulds. First they need a soft place to land. They need a space where they can drop it all. They need a place to rest and rejuvenate and be nourished in a way that embodies understanding, compassion, ease and simplicity.

They need a hand on their back and a trail buddy by their side; someone who’s been there before and who knows the trail markers that lead us through it. They need intuitive insights and gentle, practical invitations that allows them to come home to themselves, even if it’s just a little bit at a time.

And maybe once they’ve moved through it, maybe then they may need some tools and tips and tricks to set themselves up in a kind-hearted and supportive way. So they can keep themselves at the centre of their own life and so they can have their own back to flourish and grow and thrive.

And I know that I can maybe be that space holder and trail buddy for others. As an introverted empath and intuitive, I know overwhelm very, very (VERY) well. Overwhelm and I have had a toxic relationship for way longer than was needed. I found (and continue to find) my way through with tarot and coaching and all the wealth of insights and tips and tricks and supports they have to offer and I would love to share that.

I would do the intuitive and space holding ‘heavy lifting’ while they just be and see what comes up. I’ll gently enquire and listen and adapt and guide.

A working relationship would look like chatting and laughing (and probably crying) and hoping and dreaming and scheming and creating a way through the overwhelm. And if someone were ready for some structure and a plan, we would work through with some supportive tools like, kind-hearted habits if that’s what felt right.

It’s Tarot and coaching and habit work and possibility all rolled into one. It’s the cornerstone of my own healing work. I now know that how I heal myself is where I'm strongly pulled to hold space for others and their healing.

So, yeah, oft!

My brain is going a million miles an hour with ideas and to-do's and 'what next?' and I'm doing everything I can to pull things back in and let them just be for a hot minute. It's all good.

So, as ever, thank you for being here and for your openness to letting this space evolve how it needs to. Here's to more of what wants to come through and more of what wants to change! It's a scary beetch change but she's necessary too. Life is change right?

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