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Welcome to Shine Time Coaching

I'm so glad you found your way here.

Shine Time Coaching is a healing space for the dreamers and triers to explore a way back to themselves in a gentle, intuitive and curious way using both Tarot and Coaching.

I'm Jenny.

I'm the coach, Tarot reader and human behind Shine Time Coaching. 

When we are working together, I'll be your space holder, intuitive heavy lifter, trail buddy, mirror and cheerleader.

I'm a Canadian mama living, loving and winging it over here in Scotland. I am a Rainer Institute trained life coach and have been reading Tarot for others for five years (though I've been reading for myself since I was a teenager). I was a primary and Autism support teacher for over 20 years before leaving teaching to focus on Shine Time Coaching full time. 

I have done big, deep dives with Brene Brown's 'Dare to Lead' programme and Lindsay Mack's 'Tarot for the Wild Soul' courses.

I'm a creative, intuitive, sensitive introvert with extroverted tendencies (trust me, it's a lot). I believe hard in the magic of the everyday and the noble pursuit of finding joy when and where we can. I love being barefoot outside, hanging out in cold water, reading too many books, walking in Scottish landscapes, cuddles with my wee family, curating the world's longest ‘Lovelies’ playlist, hot black coffee, puppies and swearing. I deeply want things to be more fair for everyone and I'm all about that good, good body, love and spiritual autonomy.⠀


Working Together

I'll hold space for you by using my intuitive Tarot insights and guidance within a compassionate and nurturing coaching framework.

I believe wholeheartedly in the existence and power of the practical and the magic and where they weave together is where my space holding really comes alive. Essentially, it's my jam! 

This modality brings together our whole selves; the logical, practical sides along with our inner depths and knowings. 

Together we’ll chat and laugh (and maybe cry) and hope and dream and scheme and create a way back home to yourself and then we'll find a path forward to where you'd like to go with ease and possibility. It’s a unique process that truly builds beautiful self-trust and self-compassion. 

Shine Time Tarot

Shine Time Tarot is a heart-centred and coaching informed approach to Tarot that puts you at the very centre. It pulls together intuition and invitations in an individual, gentle and supportive way.

This approach to Tarot allows me to further connect with my love of nature's magic and allows me to honour the simple, everyday joys of my life. Tarot is one of my favourite sources for spiritual and inner connection. ​

It is also my intuitive language. 

Shine Time Tarot is non-judgemental, inclusive and accepting because it is for everyone. ​It allows us to connect to our intuition and our inner knowing. ​It's a mirror of us and for us, shows us what is, shows us where we can be better supported, connects us to our own experiences and invites us to care for ourselves more fully.

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